Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Perspectives & the 12 Niches of Ecology

Perspectives are the points of view within the clearings that we are.
And perspectives get more inclusive as we grow/evolve.

Three Perspectives
What, How & Who?
Ontology, Methodology, Epistemology
Body, Mind, Spirit

These 3 exist in each quadrant, and create the 12 Niches of Ecology

Pneuma - Spiritual Experiences
Psyche - Psychological Dynamics
Soma - Somatic Realities

Skillful-means - Effective Actions
Action - Intentional Conduct
Movement - Physical Movements

Commonwealth - Compassionate Perspectives
Community - Worldviews
Communion - Intercorporeal Dimensions

Matrices - Subtle Systems
Institutions - Social Systems
Intersections - Natural Systems

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