Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Perspectives & the 12 Niches of Ecology

Perspectives are the points of view within the clearings that we are.
And perspectives get more inclusive as we grow/evolve.

Three Perspectives
What, How & Who?
Ontology, Methodology, Epistemology
Body, Mind, Spirit

These 3 exist in each quadrant, and create the 12 Niches of Ecology

Pneuma - Spiritual Experiences
Psyche - Psychological Dynamics
Soma - Somatic Realities

Skillful-means - Effective Actions
Action - Intentional Conduct
Movement - Physical Movements

Commonwealth - Compassionate Perspectives
Community - Worldviews
Communion - Intercorporeal Dimensions

Matrices - Subtle Systems
Institutions - Social Systems
Intersections - Natural Systems

Friday, April 1, 2011

Communicating Integral Sustainability Seminar by Barrett Brown

Below are notes from a seminar entitled "Communicating Integral Sustainability" by Barrett Brown. They outline the best sources & the best-fit approach to reaching people at each color value system (as presented in Spiral Dynamics by Don Beck), as well as the "cold buttons" that each color value system responds negatively to.

Purple - The "Eco-Guardian"

Best Sources:
- Counsel from revered elders, the caring chieftain or shaman
- From within the family/tribe/clan; an insider
- Through signals and omens from the spirit/natural realm
- The word of ancestors and their ways
- The collective sense of supportive peers

Best-Fit Approach:
- Refer to traditional rites, rituals, ceremonies, icons,
- Reference mystical elements, superstitions, magic
- Appeal to extended family, harmony, and safety
- Honor blood bonds, the folk, the group, taboos
- Utilize familiar metaphors, drawings & emblems
- Rely very little on written language
- Use storytelling, fables instead of facts, emotions, drama, songs, dances, richly imaginative two dimensional images

Cold buttons:
- Speak ill of chief or tribe
- Step on or desecrate sacred grounds
- Violate taboos or ritual ways
- Introduce ambiguity
- Isolate and force accelerated change and uncertainty
- Threaten family (animals & plants included)
- Disrespect elders or ancestors
- Don't try to understand

Red - The "Eco-Warrior"

Best Sources:
- Person with recognized power
- Straight talking Big Boss
- One with something to offer
- Respected, revered, or feared other
- Celebrated "idol" with reputation
- Someone of proven trustworthiness

Best-Fit Approach:
- Demonstrate "What's in it for me now?"
- Offer "Immediate gratification if..."
- Challenge and appeal to machismo/strength
- Point out heroic status and legendary potential
- Be flashy, unambiguous, reality-based & strong
- Use simple language and fiery images/graphics
- Appeal to narcissistic tendencies

Cold Buttons:
- Challenge power or courage
- Shame or put down person/group
- Move onto turf uninvited
- Display more powerful weapons
- Make gestures and name call; be derisive and laugh
- Make the other lose face
- Taunt as an outsider
- Appear or talk weak
- Make excuses

Blue - The "Eco-Manager"

Best Sources:
- Rightful, proper kind of authority
- Higher position on the One True Way
- Down the chain of command
- According to the book's rules & regulations
- Person with position, power & rank
- In compliance with tradition & precedent
- As directed by a divinely ordained Power

Best-Fit Approach:
- Invoke duty, honor, country; images of discipline and obedience to a higher authority; being a good citizen
- Call for self-sacrifice for a higher cause or purpose
- Appeal to traditions, laws and norms; stability and order
- Draw upon propriety, righteousness and responsibilities, being prepared
- Show how this sacrificial behavior will insure future rewards and require delayed gratification
- Point out that this behavior will assuage guilt with its correct consequences
- Speak to the organized, well-structured, orderliness of nature

Cold Buttons:
- Attack religion, country or ethnic heritage
- Desecrate symbols or Holy books
- Put down the One True-Way
- Violate the chain of command
- Disregard rules and directives
- Appear unfair or sleazy
- Use profanity
- Demean the standards

Orange - The "Eco-Strategist"

Best Sources:
- One's own right-thinking mind
- Successful mentors and models
- Credible professionals and "gurus"
- Prosperous, successful, elite contacts
- Sources which are advantageous to the self-image
- Sources which result from one's own observations
- Sources based upon tried-and-true experience & experimentation

Best-Fit Approach:
- Appeal to competitive advantage and leverage
- Draw upon success motivations and the chance of achieving abundance, growth, progress; the challenge!
- Call for bigger, better, newer, faster, more popular
- Cite experts and selected authorities
- Use scientific data, calculated risks, proven experience
- Show increased profit, productivity, quality, results; offer a greater chance of winning; better business strategy
- Demonstrate it as the best of several options
- Treat like a VIP; appeal to status; state-of-the-art; fashionable
- Show as way to preempt government intervention in markets

Cold Buttons:
- Put down profit or entrepreneurism
- Talk about collectivization
- Challenge compulsive drives
- Deny rewards for good performance
- Force sameness
- Remove the cost of prestige
- Trap with rules and procedures
- Seem inflexible or ordinary
- Treat as one of the herd

Green - The "Eco-Radical"

Best Sources:
- Consensual, communitarian norms
- Enlightened friend/colleague
- The outcome of participation and sharing
- The result of enlightenment, becoming
- Observation of events
- The here and now
- Appeals to affect/feelings/emotions

Best-fit Approach:
- Enhance a sense of belonging, sharing, group harmony
- Show sensitivity to human issues and care for others
- Call for an expansion of awareness and understanding of inner self as well as liberation of the oppressed
- Draw upon symbols of equity, humanity, and bonding
- Use gentle languaging and nature imagery
- Build trust, openness, exploration, passages for growth
- Present real people and authentic emotional displays
- Encourage participation, sharing, involvement, consensus, inclusion, teamwork, community involvement
- Refer to social responsibility, political correctness, corporate citizenship
- Symbiosis, cooperation, communication

Cold Buttons:
- Assault the group's goals & ideals
- Try to get centralized control
- Reject the collective for individual accountability
- Deny affect & feelings
- Degrade quality of life or environment
- Rely on "hard facts" to the exclusion of people factors
- Act elitist or exclusive

BRINGING IT ALL TOGETHER: Communicating to multiple value systems simlutaneously

5 P's for Multi-Developmental Level Communication

Purple- Bond
Red - Express - Personal Power
Blue - Manage - Principle
Orange - Strategize - Profit
Green - Harmonize - People
Yellow - Align - Planet

Abigail Huston's Development of Aesthethics:
Accountive - Storytelling; concrete observations about the environment woven into a narrative; colored by emotions and drama
Constructive - First framework for looking at the environment. The world should look the way it's "supposed to."
Classifying - Categorize, explain and rationalize the environment using facts and figures
Interpretative - Seek a personal encounter with the environment; use feelings and intuitions to let the meaning emerge
Re-creative - Seeing the environment with a flexibility and a not-knowing, combining personal contemplation with universal concern