Friday, April 16, 2010

Energy Burn

The following excerpt is from Being Human: An Entheological Guide to God Evolution and the Fractal Energetic Nature of Reality by Martin Ball where he discusses energy flowing through the body:

"When working with medicines in a seated position, your main
concern is to keep the above issue of uncrossed appendages in mind in
order to maximize your smooth energy flow. This means if you are
seated in a chair, keep both feet planted firmly on the floor, ideally
keeping your feet flat. Energy grounds out through your feet and
keeping your feet flat allows for a smoother transfer of energy, as
opposed to being on tip toes, for example. Keep in mind that large
energy discharges can create “energy burns” on your toenails. It
doesn’t hurt (though it might prick and tingle), but it can make toenails
look pretty ugly. Keeping your feet flat can help minimize the
possibility of this happening. If it does, don’t worry – your toenails
will eventually grow out and look pretty again!"

When I first read this, I was skeptical. When I hear people talk about energy flowing through the body, I assume they don't mean it literally. However, almost 3 months ago, soon after I read this, I was throwing a party at my apartment and I had quite a bit to drink - too much to drink, in fact - and I began to feel as though energy was running through my body at an uncomfortably fast pace. This normally would have been the point where I panic slightly and hang out in the bathroom until the discomfort subsides. However, having read Being Human, I decided not to panic and just let the energy flow freely through my body. So I went to my bedroom and sat in a comfortable position, letting the energy flow. I did this for a few minutes and the discomfort subsided to a small degree. Though I was still not feeling great, I decided to return to the party. When I returned, some people were playing one of my favorite video games Geometry Wars: Pacifism. The game is a very simple retro-style game; it uses one joystick and the only goal is to avoid a mass of predictable blue shapes and stay alive as long as possible. I'm really quite good at it-- it's one of those games where I can 'flow' as Csikszentmihalyi would say (according to him Flow happens when a person is totally immersed in a task that is challenging yet closely matched to their abilities). I decided I wanted to play; I thought it would allow me to focus the still highly volatile energy I could feel inside me. So I was sitting cross-legged in front of the television and as I played I started feeling the energy flowing more furiously through my body, which was not a pleasurable feeling. As the game increased in intensity, so too did the discomfort. It felt as though there was loud music blaring inside me and somebody kept turning the volume louder & louder. I tried staying calm and to just let things flow, but it just kept getting more intense until finally I felt the energy shoot through my leg and out of my foot- it pushed me up out of my seated position in a flash. I decided to retire to my bedroom for the remainder of the night.

A few days later I noticed what I thought was a dirt on the toenail of my big toe, after trying to clean it I realized it wasn't dirt, but appeared to be a small ruptured blood-vessel under my toenail; the toenail on the same foot where I felt the shock. Here's a picture 3 months later:

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