Friday, March 19, 2010

Meditation Notes from Ken Wilber

Higher Consciousness Level 1: Unified Bodymind (Body/Mind/centaur level)

  1. Lie down on your back, arms alongside, legs slightly parted, close your eyes, breath deeply and easily
  2. Give direct feeling-attention to different parts of the body; feel the deep body sensations; not conceptual thinking about those parts of the body
  3. Draw deep breaths from the throat all the way down to the abdomen; breath = "vital force"; inhale as charging up the hara/naval-abdomen with energy; exhale as pleasure/joy radiating throughout your body and out to the entire cosmos
  4. "Once this cycle becomes full, then start to allow all thinking to dissolve in the exhalation and pass to infinity. Do the same with all distressful feelings, with disease, with suffering, with pain. Allow feeling-attention to pass though all present conditions and then beyond them to infinity, moment to moment to moment."
  5. Discover blocked areas: numbness, lack of feeling, deadness, tightness, tension, rigidity, or pain; common areas of tightness and tension: neck, eyes, anus, diaphragm, shoulders, lower back; common areas of numbness: pelvic area, genitals, heart, lower abdomen, or the extremities
  • "Every block, every tension or pressure in the body, is basically a muscular holding-in of some taboo impulse or feeling."; common meanings bottom TEKW p.79, each part of the body associated with a different emotion
  • "Forced relaxation" does not work, although all of these are under voluntary muscle control; give your full attention to that area and actively and consciously attempt to increase the tension; release the buried emotions associated with the tension area; remind yourself that you are actively trying to hold something in (this will usually force the release), try to increase the resistance (which will make it give way)
  • "The block is released when feeling-attention can flow though that area in a full and perfectly unobstructed fashion on its way to infinity."
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